Greenhouse & Grounds

Bordeaux and other plants on the deck
Bordeaux and other plants on the deck
Lavender Skies and Bordeaux on the Deck
Lavender Skies and Bordeaux in hanging baskets
Ken enjoying the fruits of his labours
Bordeaux on the deck
Maxine enjoying the view
Another view of the deck
Maxine and Ken among the petunias
Enjoying a variety of hanging baskets in the garden
More hanging baskets in the garden
Bordeaux on display
Delightful summer colours in a hanging basket
Bordeaux ready to go
Garden deck in full summer colour
Perfect colours on the deck
Ken enjoying Bordeaux
A happy summer tree
Summer Blue on the garden bench
Ground plants that invite the eye
Sunshine and plants on the deck
A happy healthy begonia
Bordeaux at the height of a hot summer
A full and happy hanging basket
Plants on display
At work in the greenhouse
Summer baskets ready to go
Plants on display
Our highway entrance
Summer Colour